Tradeline recently published an article based on Design Principal Erik Kocher’s presentation earlier this year at the University Facilities Conference.  Kocher, along with Peter Schantz, Director of Physical Plant Planning and Operations at Ohio Wesleyan University, examined Hastings+Chivetta’s Architecture of Enrollment Management® (AEM) service which strategically evaluates the admissions experience and its impact on attracting and retaining students. Hastings+Chivetta’s assessment of the Ohio Wesleyan campus tour demonstrated that institutions can make major improvements to the tour experience without spending a great deal of money.

The AEM service provides a detailed analysis of a college or university’s campus tour and what impression it may leave on prospective students, specifically looking at the elements with a direct impact on recruitment, enrollment and retention. Detailed recommendations, many of which are zero- or low-cost, are then provided to increase admissions success, and progress is tracked over several years.

To read the article and learn about possible campus improvements that can help recruitment, please click here.