An article based on a recent presentation given by H+C President, Chris Chivetta, and Director of the Tulsa, OK office, Kevin Magness, has been published by Tradeline. Chivetta and Magness’ original presentation on maker spaces for STEM facilities was given at the Tradeline College and University Science and Engineering Facilities Session last fall.

The Tradeline article, “Designing and Operating Maker Spaces for Today’s STEM Programs,” discusses trends in maker spaces and the importance and effectiveness of hand-on learning. “This is an opportunity for institutions to change the way students get hands-on education by tinkering, making, exploring, and experimenting,” states Chivetta. Also discussed in the article are questions to consider when planning and designing a maker space. Says Magness, “The space should be flexible… and also be designed to provide collaborative areas.” These collaboration spaces feature areas to write and present and offer an opportunity for students to work with others to create ideas and solve problems.

This trend isn’t just for science and engineering facilities. “We see maker spaces mushrooming. It started in engineering and has percolated to fine arts, architecture, natural sciences, and now the biotech industry,” said Magness.

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