University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Campus Sector Study

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte’s campus sits on 1,000 wooded acres and boasts several man-made lakes and a botanical garden. The university recently completed a master plan that identified a new Science Building west of the Student Union and a new Health and Wellness Center (HAWC) in a residential precinct. To test the buildable capacity of the north campus precinct, University administrators engaged Hastings+Chivetta, in association with Moseley Architects, to perform a Sector Study. The project scope included site analysis, concept design, cost modelling and a campus utilities assessment.

Activities began with verifying program requirements with each user group, thoroughly assessing and synthesizing the project’s issues and objectives. A site evaluation exercise explored multiple siting strategies. Four different phased concepts were developed; two concepts with both buildings sited in the academic core and two concepts with each building on a separate site. The stakeholders ultimately elected to depart from the master plan by siting the HAWC in the academic core and the Science Building in a nearby research sector. Campus administrators realized that locating wellness facilities within the academic campus core would benefit the entire campus community.

To strike a balance between minimizing building footprint and maximizing functional adjacencies, floor plans were developed for buildings of varying height and careful consideration was taken as to the best use for each floor. The building concept designs are efficiently laid out without wasted space and incorporate an understated, welcoming feel with open spaces for students to gather. The exterior designs are neoclassical architecture featuring brick exteriors which are consistent with the established architectural style of the campus.


Project Details

    • Gross Square Feet
    • 463,000
    • Completion Date
    • 2014
    • Construction Cost
    • N/A
    • City
    • Charlotte
    • State
    • NC
    • Client Type
    • Public
    • Enrollment
    • 10,000+
    • Associate Firm
    • Moseley Architects