University of Tulsa

Keplinger Hall Renovation

The complex consists of two new engineering buildings (Rayzor and Stephenson halls) designed by Hastings+Chivetta, and a renovated Keplinger Hall for mathematics and the natural sciences. Development of the complex began in 2009 with the final phase of work currently in design development.

After the first two phases of new construction were complete in 2013, Hastings+Chivetta undertook a series of campus workshops to identify the highest priority and best uses for vacated space in Keplinger Hall. The University wanted to support new doctoral programs, move some research laboratories from the north campus and expand opportunities for project-based learning. The requests for space among Keplinger occupants ranged from general instruction to complex research.

To isolate the needs for instruction, the design team performed classroom and laboratory utilization analysis to confirm that rooms were appropriately sized, equipped and in sufficient quantity. The space analysis revealed the need for additional classrooms to support growing enrollment and a need for overall modernization. Non-instructional space was allocated so that each faculty member has their own research laboratory.

Although the building use will not change, major renovation of most teaching and research space is planned. Mechanical, electrical and technology infrastructures will be upgraded throughout the entire building. Faculty offices for the Departments of Mathematics and Natural Science will be improved to be consistent with the College of Engineering.

The exterior of the building is being redesigned to resemble the nearby Rayzor and Stephenson halls.


Project Details

    • Gross Square Feet
    • 132,246
    • Completion Date
    • 2019
    • City
    • Tulsa
    • State
    • OK
    • Zip
    • 74104
    • Client Type
    • Public
    • Enrollment
    • 2,500-5,000