Lowry Student Center Renovation

Hastings+Chivetta is working with the College of Wooster to re-imagine the Lowry Student Center. The project is being developed in phases, with the ultimate goal of creating a collaborative student-focused environment. Built in 1968, the Lowry Student Center was originally designed for 1,400 students. It is the central gathering place for students on campus, as well as faculty and staff. Spaces include:

Campus post office
Campus bookstore
Art exhibit space
Computer lab
Multiple small meeting rooms and large event space for up to 450
Kittredge Dining Hall and Lowry Center Dining Hall, both serving the entire campus
“Mom’s Truckstop” for late-night gathering
“Old Main Cafe” for coffee and dessert
“Pop’s Sub-Stop” for grab-and-go

With enrollment now exceeding 2,000 students, and with significant changes in student expectations over the last 40 years, Hastings+Chivetta is designing a series of phased renovations to modernize the Center.

The first phase will address both the underutilized Scot Bowling Lanes and a large game room in the lower level. Our design team is converting the Scot Lanes into a large Student Activity and Meeting center. The new glass-enclosed space will encourage passersby to join in student meetings, a game of pool or ping pong, as well as presentations and performances on the small stage. The outdated furniture and finishes are being overhauled, and the space will be equipped with flexible furniture to accommodate a range of group activities.

Across the hall, a large game room is being converted into five glass-enclosed collaboration rooms designed for small-group meetings. Each room will be equipped with large wall-mounted monitors and plenty of white boards. Future phases of renovation and expansion are also being planned.