Hanover College

Greenwood Suites

Hanover College requires students to live on campus for the duration of their academic stay. In light of this requirement, the school provides a variety of student housing options that all allow for close interaction between students and faculty, as over 50 percent of Hanover’s professors live adjacent to the campus.

With the guidance of Hastings+Chivetta, Hanover prepared a comprehensive study which analyzed the existing residential life amenities and accommodations. This study provided a long-term strategic plan for the college’s housing facilities. The first step of the plan was the construction of new residence halls.

Designed by Hastings+Chivetta, the project consists of three two-story buildings that reflect the campus’ Georgian Colonial architecture. Each building has 24 beds divided between six-student suites. Each suite has a common room, a kitchenette, and three two-person bedrooms — each bedroom with a private bath.

Innovative space planning found that the use of modular furniture gave students options for room configurations. A community gathering space, laundry facilities, storage, and mechanical rooms are shared in the center courtyard.


Project Details

    • Gross Square Feet
    • 16,602
    • Completion Date
    • 2002
    • Construction Cost
    • $ 2,152,829
    • City
    • Hanover
    • State
    • IN
    • Client Type
    • Private
    • Enrollment
    • 1-2,500