I’m a Connecticut Yankee.
Science Center
Hanover College
I went on a class field trip
in high school to New York City.
After touring the UN Headquarters, I decided I wanted to do architecture for a living.

Bob Bohack,

Senior Associate | Project Architect

Over the years, Bob has developed a specialty in laboratory design. He has played a role in the majority of our academic and research facilities, for clients including Hanover College, SIUE and Murray State. As a member of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories (and a presenter at their annual conference) he is a strong advocate for sustainability in lab design.

Bob likes to spend as much time around people as he does on his land. It takes him a good two days to mow the grass (on a tractor, no less) and he can grow a mean Day Lilly.


Bachelor of Architecture
Virginia Polytechnic Institute