Prior to Hastings+Chivetta,
I served as a project manager for
a construction management firm working with FEMA to renovate
an educational campus severely damaged by the Great Flood
of 1993.
Campus Recreation Center
Georgia Institute of Technology
Sailing is a special adventure, whether it be by a light wind and a relaxing cruise or a whistling blow straining the sails knifing through the waves; capturing the wind is a fulfilling endeavor.
Why? Because it is
the right thing to do.

Jim Favier,

Senior Vice President | Contract Administrator

Jim has surpassed 30 years of experience at Hastings+Chivetta. During his tenure, he has provided leadership within the contract administration group that he directed for more than 20 years. Jim remains active providing quality control review, writing specifications and assisting on special projects.  Jim has also provided leadership on more than 50 projects, of which he is proud, but says he values the relationships developed with clients and co-workers as much as the individual projects themselves. 


Bachelor of Architecture
Kansas State University

Bachelor of Science - Construction Science
Kansas State University