Our People

Barry Oliver


Construction Administrator

Barry has always been amazed at how the components of a building come together during construction. He is especially intrigued with the idea that architecture covers up all of the inner workings and systems behind walls, above ceilings, in attics and in basements. Barry’s appreciation for detail in design and construction is also put to use when he is tending to his vegetable garden or cooking up a new dish in the kitchen. His favorite place to be is on a Caribbean island which explains why his favorite book is “The Old Man and the Sea” by Ernest Hemingway.


  • Master of Arts in Architecture — University of Florida
  • Bachelor of Design — University of Florida

Q&A with Barry Oliver

Performance Gym and Student Commons, Cor Jesu Academy
  • Do you play an instrument? No, I was never able to get the rhythm.
  • Best vacation ever? Cruising the southern Caribbean Sea and going to Aruba and Curacao
  • What was the first concert you attended? Does Gallagher count? I got “watermeloned” when he was playing live at a small venue in Tampa, FL.
  • What project has been on your mind recently? Performance Gym and Student Commons, Cor Jesu Academy