Our People

Jim Capps


Principal Emeritus

Jim is Hastings+Chivetta’s longest-tenured employee, with 38 years under his belt. He started at the firm as an intern in 1977 while still a student at Kansas State University, and became a principal in 1995.  Jim is responsible for overseeing all projects and performing quality control reviews. His strong attention to detail keeps our projects on schedule and within budget.

Jim’s laid-back personality is legendary around here, but no one doubts his work ethic.  On most days you can count on him being in the office WELL before sunrise.


  • Bachelor of Architecture — Kansas State University

Q&A with Jim Capps

Spring Residence Hall, Saint Louis University
  • Random fact about me. I will be attending my 45th annual float trip this year.
  • Is there a motto you live by? Rules are for the masses, not the individual.
  • Why did you become an architect? I selected a career alphabetically, and I passed on agriculture.
  • What have you worked on lately? Spring Residence Hall, Saint Louis University