American State Bank Sports Complex

Hastings+Chivetta collaborated with Dordt University and the City of Sioux Center to design the American State Bank Sports Complex, which prominently features an impressive indoor turf dome. This air-supported structure measures approximately 250 by 450 feet and rises 75 feet high, providing a versatile space for activities such as football, soccer, and softball. For Dordt University, the dome significantly enhances athletic programming, offering year-round training and practice opportunities for multiple teams simultaneously. The facility supports the physical well-being of students and ensures consistent athletic instruction throughout the year.

The City of Sioux Center also benefits from this state-of-the-art facility, using it to promote year-round wellness, recreation, and sporting activities. The complex hosts a variety of community events, including city recreation activities, youth athletic leagues, and other local gatherings when not in use by the University. With an estimated annual visitor count of over 200,000 between the university and city events, the American State Bank Sports Complex serves as a crucial hub for both athletic excellence and community engagement.