Bill Simon Field House

Athletics and team building are core components to the student experience at Principia School, and their facilities needed to match the expectations of the school, students, and families.  The old fieldhouse lacked sufficient gym space, causing significant scheduling challenges.  Other athletics spaces were constrained as well, and the school engaged Hastings+Chivetta to design their new facility.

The performance gym within the new Fieldhouse serves as a competitive space for basketball, volleyball, and P.E. classes. With retractable bleachers providing flexible seating for 700 spectators and direct access to the viewing platform above, it also hosts special events, guest speakers, educational programs, and camps for the entire school.

The three-court fieldhouse gym allows for multiple sports to practice simultaneously, including track and field, basketball, volleyball, pickleball, badminton and baseball. Additionally, the adjacent fitness center is equipped with cardio machines, free weights, and a turf strip for functional training.

A versatile multipurpose space has been incorporated into the Fieldhouse to accommodate wrestling, dance, cheerleading, and special events. Its design includes lighting controls, finishes, and amenities suitable for formal dinners.

The Fieldhouse also features a Character Lab classroom, integrating wellness and character education, aligning with the school’s mission of character development and holistic growth.

To facilitate student-coach interactions, the locker rooms serve as individual character labs, named after the school’s esteemed coaches, equipped with marker boards and video monitors. Each team has its designated locker room to ensure privacy and foster camaraderie.

The Fieldhouse offices are designed to encourage effective communication and provide a welcoming environment for visitors, promoting inclusivity within the school community.

Gender equity was prioritized in the design, rectifying the significant disparity in space allocation amongst genders in the previous fieldhouse. The new Fieldhouse provides gender-diverse spaces, including locker rooms and restrooms, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive environment for all users.