COVID’s Impact on Athletics and Recreation Facilities

COVID’s Impact on Athletics and Recreation Facilities

Thursday, May 21, 2020

In our new normal of social distancing, there are necessary changes in  athletic and recreation facilities to ensure the safety and health of users and participants. Hastings+Chivetta is partnering with clients to navigate these changes. Our professionals can analyze your facilities and provide customized social distancing strategies to create a safe environment for athletes and recreation participants.  We offer services including:

  • Design of specialty private workout areas for high-risk guests
  • Fitness layout redesign to follow social distancing guidelines
  • Evaluation and reconfiguration of group exercise rooms, gyms, and locker rooms
  • Material change recommendations in high-touch public areas
  • Branded signage design advising guests of social distancing guidelines
  • Dimensioned drawings of existing facilities
  • Redesign of fitness, athletic training, and weight areas for social distancing


Some general guidelines for athletic and recreation centers may include the following:

  • Directional pedestrian signage to eliminate cross circulation of participants
  • Cardio and strength machines should be at least 8-9 feet apart
  • Group fitness classes should limit participants as directed by local and state orders, and everyone must be at least 10 feet apart when exercising
  • All guests should be screened for symptoms and contact with those who have tested positive for COVID-19 before entry
  • Locker room modifications to provide increased social distancing

For more information about how Hastings+Chivetta can assist in understanding the impact of COVID-19 on your athletic and recreation facilities, please reach out to Erik Kocher at [email protected].