Working Here

Hastings+Chivetta Architects is a team committed to the idea of collaboration – with our clients and within our office. We offer opportunities for a rewarding and fun career where your talents are put to their best use. We seek projects that allow our staff to remain challenged and engaged in their professions. Our firm is growing – come join us.

Mentoring Program – Let’s LEAD H+C

Do you have expertise to share with your colleagues? Do you want to learn from experienced designers? Do you want to see the practice of architecture and interior design through someone else’s eyes? We asked ourselves these questions, and the answer was YES. Our mentors in the LEAD H+C Program help set the tone for career success. They encourage creativity and exploration and help to build strong bonds throughout our company.

Intern Development Program

We believe that real-world experience and being immersed in a project team is the best way to learn architecture and interior design (marketing and accounting, too.) It’s one thing to learn Revit in the classroom, but we have created a collaborative environment where interns work hand-in-hand with project teams. You’ll use everything from Revit to Unreal Engine to VIVE PRO Headsets to imagine and develop concepts, then see our clients experience their projects for the first time. If you are passionate about being immersed projects and working in teams to design everything from a recreation center to the best in-office mini-golf course ever, then we might be a good fit for you.

  • “I appreciated that the internship was tailored to my interests and that I was given exposure to several aspects of the firm.”
  • “Every task I took part in at H+C felt truly valuable with no ‘filler’ tasks.”
  • “I cannot fully speak to my gratitude about us, as interns, being able to participate in a design charrette and present our ideas to the Project Designers.”

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