Working Here

Architecture should inspire people and create a sense of community and belonging.  For over 60 years, Hastings+Chivetta Architects has had a positive impact on the built environment.  Our projects involve significant design commissions for communities, municipalities, corporate and institutional clients.  We are thought leaders in the profession.  We are ranked by Architectural Record in the Top 300 Architecture Firms in the United States since 2014. ENR ranks our firm at 118 among Top Midwest Design Firms. 

Our projects span the nation, and we are licensed in 28 states.  We provide the opportunity to be creative in a variety of environments and locations.  Clients acknowledge our design solutions as providing a positive impact to their organizations, communities, and campuses by being sustainable, inspiring and a betterment to society. Our designs create spaces that attract, engage, educate, and inspire individuals every day.  Each client and project are unique opportunities. 

Sustainable Design 

Our office takes pride in being recognized as a sustainable leader in the design of LEED projects across the nation.  Our projects protect the environment, reduce natural resource consumption, and decrease carbon emissions.  We encourage design staff to become LEED accredited so they understand how our projects impact the plant.  With nearly 50 LEED projects from Platinum to Certified, we are known for our innovative sustainable solutions.

Commitment to Diversity

Diversity and inclusion in our professional staff allow us to appreciate and understand different experiences, perspectives, and opinions.  We work with clients that strategically focus on providing opportunities for minorities, first generation students and enhancing diversity in community facilities. 


We hire selectively and purposefully.  We seek individuals who are passionate about architecture, design, construction and making the world a better place.  Our senior leadership team is involved in all aspects of a project with the purpose of mentoring professionals within the office.  Our mentorship program allows staff members to grow professionally and expand their roles and responsibilities. We recognize and promote life longer learners and creative talents.  Open door policies to foster communication and dialogue are encouraged.

Workplace Technology 

Technology is a key tool utilized in planning and designing projects. Our professional staff are equipped with the most current hardware, software, and 3D programs to allow creative minds to develop and explore the next generation of design.  Our fully integrated technology platform allows for the ability to work remotely when needed, whether with a client or from home. 

Work-Life Balance

We purposely designed our office to foster an environment that promotes collaboration and discussion.  Clients look forward to design and interior review meetings in our office.  Furniture systems were selected to provide individual workspaces with quick access to gathering spaces to discuss and critique design challenges and solutions.  Community spaces allow us to gather, celebrate and communicate with co-workers.  We embrace a hybrid working environment while supporting the opportunity to bring design professionals together to collaborate.

Professional Development

Architecture is continually evolving with new ideas, designs, and products. It is important to keep current on key issues impacting the built environment.  Weekly lunch-and-learns provide an educational opportunity to continue to learn.   Our professional staff speak at national conferences and are recognized as thought leaders in their field.  We encourage and support individuals to become licensed architects, LEED accredited, and pursue certifications and advanced degrees.