Architecture of Enrollment Management®

First impressions, both virtual and in-person, are everything to potential students and their families, and their experience of the admissions process is a make-it or break-it moment for colleges.  We have seen what works and what doesn’t, and our recommendations are informed by our national perspective.  We work hard to craft a positive experience that begins before students leave their homes, through the moment they arrive in town and continuing through their offer acceptance. 

Hastings+Chivetta has developed the Architecture of Enrollment Management® service to strategically evaluate the impact your campus has on attracting and retaining students.

Admissions strategy is critical to enrollment management for higher education institutions. As the demographic environment changes in the United States and institutions prepare for the dip in college-age students in the coming years, each institution must review its competitive approach to attracting and retaining students and increasing the success of their admissions process. Our experience on over 200 campuses across the United States provides an unbiased opinion and a database of information and knowledge to build upon the best practices from other leading higher education institutions.

Hastings+Chivetta’s Architecture of Enrollment Management® process evaluates our clients’ admissions impression from the perspective of first time campus visitors and admitted students. We provide a detailed analysis of your campus tour and the impressions it leaves on prospective students.



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