Our People

Courtney Carballo

Associate IIDA

Interior Designer

Courtney always brings creative excitement to her interior design work, whether she is selecting the best finishes for a client or creating 3D renderings and graphics for our next project.  Prior to pursuing a career in interior design, she was an electrician in the Navy for four years.  Interior design is a perfect fit for Courtney because she has always been fascinated by the psychology behind creating truly memorable spaces.  She brings a sense of thoughtfulness to each of our clients at H+C as she helps them create a welcoming feel for each project.  In her day-to-day work, Courtney enjoys collaborating with clients to improve the lives and experiences of users in a space.  An outdoors enthusiast, Courtney draws creative inspiration from the natural beauty that surrounds her.


  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design — Maryville University

Q&A with Courtney Carballo

Doral Central Park, City of Doral, FL
  • What is your favorite book? I can’t choose just one – I love to read!
  • Is there a motto you live by? “This world doesn’t owe you anything. You get out what you put in.”
  • What is your favorite hobby? Being outdoors kayaking, fishing, swimming, hiking, and rollerblading
  • What is your favorite H+C project? Doral Central Park, City of Doral, FL