Is Low Space Utilization Always a Bad Thing?

Is Low Space Utilization Always a Bad Thing?

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The era of big data has arrived, and along with it the ubiquity of software systems to manage and analyze academic space use in real time. Whether your institution utilizes an integrated space management system or the registrar schedules classes, campus planners require practical guidelines to understand exactly what the threshold for optimal use is. Sound planning should be based not only on backward looking patterns of use and number crunching, it should also consider the uniqueness of your campus environment.

To establish guidelines for optimal space utilization, we consider three key factors:

1. Campus Culture
2. Program Status
3. Faculty Preference

Paying careful attention to how these three factors impact your facilities is essential in establishing planning guidelines that strike a desirable balance between raw data analytics and the variable influence that human behavior has on space utilization and need.

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