New Science Building

SIUE competes regionally as a metropolitan university in eastern Illinois and the metro-east St. Louis area. Although the University has a long-standing reputation of excellence in Dental Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy and Science Programs, Chancellor Vaughn Vandergrift called the lack of a new science building “the single most important factor limiting the future growth of SIUE.”

In 2010, SIUE addressed its program deficiencies by breaking ground on a new science building that transforms the teaching and research experience. The facility replaces antiquated equipment and over-used resources for the departments of Chemistry, Biological Sciences and Environmental Science. The building design organizes research laboratories along one corridor and teaching laboratories along another. Faculty offices are located at the ends of the building. Teaching laboratories are sized to accommodate 24-stations including eight for Biological Sciences, eight for Chemistry and one for Environmental Science. Each of the faculty/principal investigators housed in the building have approximately 600sf of assigned research space. 

Research and teaching activities are supported by a vivarium, extensive field support, instrumentation suites, graduate writeup areas and significant back-of-house support.

The project has received LEED Silver Certification.