New Science Building

Numerous factors place an increasing demand on science facilities at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville: rising interest in the sciences, recognition of the importance of lab experience for general education, as well as SIUE’s participation in the Illinois Articulation Initiative, which requires all undergraduates take at least one lab-based science course. The existing science building was used seven days a week to meet lab schedules. Constructed in 1966, it housed Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Statistics and Environmental Sciences. Code limitations severely restrict teaching and research programs and piecemeal modifications have taxed the building’s mechanical systems.

SIUE hired Hastings+Chivetta to design a renovation of the existing building and construction of an adjoining facility to enhance quality of instruction and to attract top faculty and students. Programming incorporated current trends in science education including smaller classrooms, instructional technology, student research, interactive learning and interdisciplinary spaces, especially laboratories. Specialized labs dedicated to specific sciences will accommodate adjacent cold rooms, warm rooms and environmental growth chambers. Other components include a machine shop, a scanning electron microscope facility, a darkroom, animal care facilities, conference rooms, study areas and student lounges.

The project has received LEED Silver Certification.