Recreation and Wellness Center

Hastings+Chivetta and Harvard Jolly Architecture were engaged by Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) to create their new Recreation and Wellness Center. FGCU significantly outgrew their original 9,000 square-foot (SF) Recreation Center; it was built to serve 4,000 students, which is about 25% of the current size of the student body, not including faculty and staff who utilize the space.

At over 47,000 SF, the new facility meets the fitness needs of the entire FGCU campus with room to grow. The two-story building features a double gymnasium, group fitness room, multipurpose room, strength and fitness room, and cardio deck. An observation concourse, administrative suite, and exterior event plaza and fitness area are also included.

FGCU’s Campus Recreation department is devoted to supporting healthy lifestyles on campus and recognizes the ways that physical activity benefits the whole person – improving memory, focus, and mood; releasing stress; and promoting brain development in addition to supporting physical fitness.

The spaciousness of the new facility enables the Campus Recreation department to grow its programs and activities while providing a place for students to build personal relationships with one another and connect to the University outside of classes.

A healthy student life positively impacts student success, and the new FGCU Recreation and Wellness Center aims to do just that.