Spellmann Campus Center

Hastings+Chivetta was commissioned to design the 112,000 SF Campus Center at Lindenwood University. Situated on a hill overlooking the football stadium, the Center is central to campus pedestrian and vehicular traffic. While state-of-the-art features and modern designs make up the interior, the building’s exterior continues to complement the existing neoclassical architectural style of the campus. Marble tile floors, skylights and large windows are throughout the Campus Center.

The university’s Communications Center is housed in the building with space for the KCLC campus radio, the television production studio and control room, and the multimedia computer lab. The food court offers many choices, and the adjacent dining room has views onto the football field. The Campus Center has wireless capabilities, meeting rooms and “smart” classrooms with the latest technologies.

A primary focus of the Campus Center is the Leadership Center. Designed to prepare students for community leadership roles, courses offered cover topics such as career development, service learning and leadership skills. The Leadership Center has a resource library, interview rooms, and conference rooms equipped with audio/visual and computer presentation equipment as well as satellite capabilities.