Our People

Al Wolf


Vice President | Project Designer

Al has worked at Hastings+Chivetta since 1992 and his designs have helped shape campuses across the country. If you ever visit the University of Tulsa, Al’s handiwork is evident in ten facilities there – including the welcome center, engineering building and the fitness center. Hastings+Chivetta has the Brady Bunch to thank for Al becoming an architect, “I thought Mr. Brady seemed like an awesome dad and he was an architect.”


  • Bachelor of Architectural Technology — Washington University

Q&A with Al Wolf

Alaska Airlines Center, University of Alaska Anchorage
  • What inspires you? I think there is inspiration
    in just about everything.
  • What was the first concert you attended? Black Sabbath. It was awesome!
  • Do you have any life-long hopes? To be a burden to my children.
  • What project has been on your mind lately? Alaska Airlines Center, University of Alaska Anchorage