Facilities Prioritization Plan

Hastings+Chivetta worked with John Carroll University to create a clearly defined Facilities Prioritization Plan. Previous master plans had left the university with a series of costly construction projects and no clearly defined priorities to guide the implementation process.

A study of existing conditions included a peer benchmarking study, an academic space analysis, and a campus analysis from a range of perspectives. A survey of all campus groups was conducted to identify the top five priorities: 1. Student Housing 2. Student Common Space 3. Recreation Facilities 4. Enrollment Growth 5. Outdoor Athletic Facilities

The resulting plan is divided into two timelines: a 3-5 year plan and a 6+ year plan. Projects in the 3-5 year plan include a reallocation of space in Rodman Hall, renovation of the theology and religious studies department, renovation of Murphy Residence Hall, the first phase of field improvements to the Milford Complex, Grasselli Library enhancements, and a relocation of the student commons/bookstore. Projects in the 6+ year plan include the renovations of two residence halls, the Rec Plex, and Kulas Auditorium, as well as the second phase of improvements to the Milford Complex.