Hastings+Chivetta Channels Expertise into New Lifestyle Market

Hastings+Chivetta Channels Expertise into New Lifestyle Market

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Hastings+Chivetta is pleased to announce the expansion of our firm’s expertise under our new Lifestyle market, which encompasses four distinct project types — Aging In Place, Senior Living, Estates, and Luxury Living.  As architects and designers, we are continually inspired by the opportunity to meet current architectural challenges.  Growing our practice in these distinct areas allows us to create connections among the many markets we serve and further strengthen our firm’s perspective to serve clients in new ways.

Our work on Lifestyle projects is highly tailored to client needs and focuses on designing residential environments for a range of lifestyles.

  • Aging in Place architecture assists our senior clients to live longer in their own homes.  We offer customized design solutions that encourage independence and prevent life-threatening incidents.
  • Senior Living design focuses on ensuring the comfort and safety of older adults through state-of-the-art housing design and renovation of existing facilities.
  • Estate projects focus on creating destinations that reflect active lifestyles and corporate missions.  We bring experience in designing and master planning comfortable lodge-style homes, sporting clubs, and lakefront master pieces.
  • Luxury Living design helps our clients navigate the complex and multiple challenges of urban design, whether for a high-rise building or a historic home.

The expansion of our services is a natural continuation of our tradition rooted in growth and evolution.  When Bryce Hastings first opened Bryce Hastings Architects in 1960, his first projects were private residences and subdivisions.  When Tony Chivetta became business partners with Bryce, Hastings+Chivetta Architects expanded our markets with commissions to design local grocery stores and shopping centers.  In the late 1960s, the firm’s retail work took off locally and nationally as it formed design partnerships with National Supermarket, Venture, Schnucks, Dierbergs, Tomboy, Loblaw, and more.  In 1980, the firm completed its first collegiate recreation center at Saint Louis University, which launched the firm into the forefront of collegiate recreation design.  Change is part of our foundation, and in our DNA.

The Lifestyle market represents the next step of growth in our practice.  Our team is excited to continue the firm’s tradition of continual evolution into spaces where thoughtful architectural design is needed.  Throughout our history, our ability to create lasting relationships has been the key to our success.  These relationships have led to opportunities to expand our expertise and grow our business in new directions.  While our leadership and focus has evolved over the years, our commitment to creating exceptional, timeless architectural designs remains strong.

Leading our efforts in the Lifestyle market is our Emerging Market Leader, Steve Patton.  Steve has over 45 years of experience in interior design and project management, which positions him well to help clients with projects of these types.  Commenting on this venture, Steve states “From my years of experience guiding clients through design projects that reflect their lifestyle changes, I’ve found that most share a common goal of happiness. The expansion of H+C’s design services aims to engage families and loved ones in a collaborative design process, which forms the foundation for truly successful projects.”

Principal Chris Chivetta is energized by the firm’s growth.  Chivetta comments, “While we will remain true to our reputation as leaders in exceptional institutional, corporate, and municipal design, expanding our architectural services in the Lifestyle market is an exciting opportunity.  This growth allows our team to once again channel the legacy of Bryce Hastings and Tony Chivetta, whose early work at the firm focused on inspirational residential design.  Our design experts are excited to engage with clients and realize their visions.”

For more information on our Lifestyle design services, please contact Steve Patton at (314) 863-5717 or [email protected]